Vijversburg, full of surprises and follies

Vijversburg is a park of international standing, where nature and culture come together. A great many families, children, nature and culture enthusiasts and tourists visit the park each year. Vijversburg offers peace and space to breathe. There is a good reason for the park’s theme of ‘surprises and follies’.

The many meandering paths lead visitors to such enjoyable sights as the historic villa, with its new glass pavilion, a thrilling cave, a scary hermit’s hut, an orangery containing exotic cactus plants and an aviary full of unusual birds. There is also plenty on offer for gardening enthusiasts and culture vultures. Vijversburg has exceptional gardens and its own collection of visual arts. Everywhere you go there are things to be discovered and experienced.
Vijversburg regularly hosts events, such as exhibitions of contemporary visual arts, concerts, excursions, workshops, hut-building and exciting nocturnal hikes. On request, visitors can take a tour with one of the experienced guides.


Expansion of the park

Most of the historic part of the park, designed in the style of landscape architects Vlaskamp and Roodbaard, was constructed in the 19th century. Vijversburg expanded in 2014/2015 from 15 to 20 hectares. Internationally renowned artists and architects were engaged to design the renovated park.
Ooievaarsnest was designed by the German artist Tobias Rehberger. He took his inspiration from his own grandmother’s garden. “Ooievaarsnest” is a science park where visitors can discover all kinds of things.
Dwaalster is a star-shaped meadow park surrounded by high hedges. This is a great place for visitors to roam in, and each path they roam ends with its own surprise. ‘Dwaalster’ was designed by Lola Landscape Architects from Rotterdam.
Frijlân is an area of discovery for children, out in the middle of nature. They can play there, or sail a boat through a water labyrinth. ‘Frijlân’ is filled with beautiful flowers and plants, designed under the direction of the well-known Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf.


Prominent buildings

Villa Vijversburg
The Villa traditionally forms the heart of the park. The neoclassical Villa Vijversburg was built by the husband and wife team of Looxma-Ypeij in 1844. The plans for the restoration were drawn up by the Japanese architect Junya Ishigami and his Dutch counterpart Marieke Kums in 2014. The original allure has been restored. A tearoom can be found in the Villa, and also a park information desk.

The two architects also designed the new glass Pavilion. The support structure, consisting entirely of glass walls, is a unique feature of the building. The building’s central area has been designated for use for exhibitions, symposia and concerts.


Practical information

Opening times
The park is open year-round from 8 am to 6 pm daily. The new park areas will be opened to visitors on Saturday, 12 September 2015. There is no admittance charge for entrance to the historic park for the time being, but an entrance fee of €2.50 per person will be charged after 12 September 2015.

There are free parking facilities for visitors on the south side of the park. The entrance to the car park is on the Swarteweisein. Directions

The new tea room in the Villa will be open from Spring 2016, offering visitors a selection of tea, coffee, soft drinks, cakes and pastries. You can find the current opening times here. Groups can visit the park by prior appointment.

Disabled visitors
The park, in particular the historic park, is easily accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. The Villa can be reached by way of the main entrance and the forest paths. Both the Pavilion and the Villa have wheelchair access.

Park regulations
We urge visitors to comply with the park regulations. There is no admittance for dogs and horses. Bicycles and mopeds are not allowed and fishing is prohibited. If everyone cooperates, we can keep the park beautiful.



Swarteweisein 2
9255 JB Tytsjerk
Tel.: 0511 – 432427
E-mail: info@vijversburg.nl